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"Realistic and thought provoking"


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"Must Not Miss Book"



A new way to use this book as a

leadership resource!

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You have what it takes to be a great leader!

A leader balances the needs of the organization with the needs of its people. A leader wants the company to succeed and employees to learn, advance, and prosper.  A leader has a vision and helps make it happen. Most of all, a leader recognizes the importance of people. 

Since there is no such thing as a “leadership gene,” what you need instead are the forty practical and easy-to-apply skills in this book. Clear, concise, yet comprehensive, Leaders Are Made Not Born provides the skills; you do the rest.


What Leaders are saying about this book

“In this … exceptionally practical book, Michael Farlow reminds us of an often overlooked truth: Leadership is just like a muscle; the more we exercise it, the stronger we get. Read one chapter from this book each week and invest time answering the thoughtful questions Michael poses ..."

John Ryan, President & CEO, Center For Creative Leadership


"Must not miss book"  American Society for Training and Development


" ... a realistic and thought-provoking look at the leadership skills needed to bring the very best out of one’s self and others. The book ... vibrantly brings leadership methodologies to life. Anyone interested in learning how people can surpass their individual goals ...will want to read this book."

Debra A. Canales, CAO, Trinity Health


"Whether you are a leader today or planning to be one someday, this highly readable book presents concepts, strategies, questions, examples, and motivation to hone and/or develop the skills of effective leadership. ... this is a must read for those who desire to reach their full potential by leading others to reach theirs."

Alan L. Krause, Executive VP, ATK-Composite Optics , retired


"Leaders Are Made Not Born  is a transformative roadmap for established and relatively new leaders who want to advance to their highest leadership potential. This is a timeless guidebook with practical instructions outlined to help expand your knowledge and accelerate your growth in various aspects of traditional and modern leadership styles and methodologies. ...Without reservations or hesitations, I highly recommend this book."

TJ Haygood, Founder/CEO, Confidential Search Solutions


"Written from a unique perspective based on experience, Dr. Farlow captures the most important skills to develop in leaders. Leaders Are Made Not Born is an easy-to-understand, and quick-reading guide which offers common situations then suggests thoughtful questions for consideration . . . this book not only offers practical leadership skills, but provides a reflective process to personalize your objectives and add a sense of ownership and empowerment."

Sandi J. Wolff, Vice President of Education, KLRN









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